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Derby Heat Banks

Cheap Off Peak Heat from Derby Heat Banks
This image shows how Derby Heat Banks works circulating the air from the fresh air inlet around the Magnesite bricks. Click to see a PDF file for more information.

Derby Heat Banks, in Adelaide South Australia specialises in Off-Peak Storage Heating which is the most economical form of heating available in relation to running cost.

Click the image above to view the Derby Heat Banks Brochure for more information

Heating you can afford to use.

For an average 6 hour use of cheap Off-Peak electricity per day, Derby Heat Banks will produce 24 hours of heating. The secret is in the heat storage capacity of the 'Magnesite' bricks within the heater.

Derby Heat Banks off peak storage heaters are used worldwide

Derby Heat Banks off peak storage heaters are used by public housing authorities worldwide. The SA Housing Trust have installed over 1,400 heaters in residential properties in cold areas around the state.

Derby Heat Banks use off-peak electricity at night to produce heat which is stored in the heater for use both day and night as needed to provide constant comfort conditions.

Derby Heat Banks produce heat 24 hours a day, whereas normal Reverse Cycle heaters, Natural Gas heaters and Electric Space heaters all only produce heat only when energy is being consumed i.e. six hours of energy spent will produce only six hours of heat.

Warmth when you need it from Derby Heat Banks heaters

Of all the different forms of heating that are available in Australia, only Derby Off Peak Storage heaters can offer you a range of heaters that provide a level of comforting warmth wherever you want it, whenever you need it quietly and efficiently day after day without you having to fuss over it. Once installed, Derby Off Peak heaters will continue to deliver a constant amount of heat, up to 60% cheaper and without the extreme room temperature variations that other forms of heating can give you, leaving one end of the house like a furnace and the other like an ice box.

Derby Heat Banks Off Peak Storage heaters provide a safe warm environment for both young and old

Derby Off Peak Storage heaters operate quietly without dust or fumes. Because of their low case temperatures they are safe for families with young children and the elderly in both public and private situations.

Derby Heat Banks heaters are space saving

Their sleek and compact styling, together with their low case temperature allows close placement of furniture and plants, giving you back more space and a heating system thatís less noticeable.

Australia wide availability

Although Derby Heat Banks is based in South Australia, we can supply to Broken Hill and Western Australia.


Derby Heat Banks

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Email: info@derbyheatbanks.com.au
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