Turbo TSF42 storage fan heaters provide controlled output space heating with maximum economy and flexibility

It retains up to 40 % of its stored heat after 17 hours, making it  one of the most efficient storage eaters on the market today.


TFI Turbo User controls
  Key features

  • Fanned heat is faster and more even in distribution, particularly near ground level.

  • More controllable, providing heat quickly when required

  • TSF Turbo uses economy tariff electricity, operating particularly well on special daytime economy periods

  • Smooth rounded modern appearance compatible with today's home and office decor

  • Available in 5.7kW model

  • In-built direct element for out of season heating using day rate electricity

  • Easy to use manual controls for room thermostat and economy charge.

  • Single or 3 phase installation capability


TSF Turbo User controls  User controls

  • Charge input control - used to control the length of time the heater charges for.

  • Neon switch for fan - easy indication that the heater is energised

  • Neon switch for direct acting element - gives user access to additional heat when needed.

  • Heat output control - precise control over heat released to the room.

Download the TSFG42 brochure for specifications and warranty information

TSF brochure