The WMF / FXL range off  assisted off peak heaters from Derby Heat Banks in South Australia is the ultimate in storage heating technology.

Select preferred comfort conditions

The excellent controllability of the WMF/FXL range of heaters ideally suit family living rooms and lounges, where user control is most desired.

By altering the room temperature control, you can select preferred comfort conditions. Just switch on the fan, and draw air through the heater core.

The heated air is discharged into the room through the low level outlet grille. By using the fan, the room temperature is increased very quickly.

Thermostat controlled

The room temperature sensor controls the operation of the fan until the preferred comfort conditions have been achieved, at which point the fan automatically switches off.

The heat retaining core is surrounded by enhanced insulation, giving low case emission which is sufficient to maintain a room at approximately 15°-18°C, retaining more heat until a higher temperature is needed, resulting in greater heat controllability with increased efficiency.

Get Instant heat using the boost element.

A unique feature of a WMF/FXL heater is the boost element if, for example during summer, the heater has been turned off and the weather turns unseasonably cold, the boost element can be turned on for instant heat.


During normal operation, this element can only be activated when the storage bricks are not hot, this avoids using electricity unnecessarily.

WMF/FXL heaters have been specifically designed to ensure that maximum heat output is maintained at minimum cost.


WMF & FXL models comparison table